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Mexico Sierra Azul Coffee Beans

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Chiapas in a cup.

Coffee from Chiapas is widely known for its classic, mild cup profile. Its mild acidity, light fruity notes and predominant chocolate profile make it an easily drinkable coffee that works very well in blends and as single origin espresso.

Variety: Typica / Bourbon / Mundo Novo
Processing: Fully  washed
Altitude: 1600 m Sierra Madre
Tasting notes of chocolate, nuts and light fruity notes with honey sweetness.

This regional lot was produced by smallholder coffee growers in the south of Chiapas, southern Mexico. Cafés Sierra Azul lies in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve buffer zone. Coffee production in this zone follows very strict guidelines to minimize its impact on the ecosystem.

The Café Sierra Azul commits not only to preservation of the environment, but also to the socioeconomic development of its members and the coffee community. Through various certification programs, the coffee group seeks to guarantee a good and stable income for its members. Next to that, Sierra Azul has helped launch a community school where members can learn about various topics. They offer training related to sustainable coffee production among others.

 Mexican coffee producers are generally smallholders, owning between 5 and 25 hectare of land.