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Malawi- Sables Farms- Peaberry Coffee Beans

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The Sable Farms group represents 2 coffee estates in South and East Malawi. The eastern estate is called Chipale, the one in the south Ngapani. Combined, these two estates cover 574 hectares under coffee, making Sable Farms Malawi’s largest coffee producer.

The Ngapani and Chipale estates in the Sable Farms group really set an example for coffee production both nationally and internationally. In a region with poor infrastructure, no connection to the power grid and uncertain access to water, the Ngapani estate is a fully drip-irrigated coffee producing operation. The estate built a school for the local community and through the sale of coffee they have been able to invest in a clean drinking water supply for the community and farm. Ngapani Estate alone is the largest employer in the agricultural sector of Malawi’s Mangochi district. In total, the Sable farms employ 1800 workers and keep a permanent staff of 70 people.

All coffee is wet-processed on the estate. It undergoes a classic washed process with a 12-hour fermentation. Afterwards, the coffee is dried on raised beds. The Sable farms also own a dry mill infrastructure to prepare the coffee for export.

We carefully roast these beans in small batches to shine in filter and immersion methods.

  • Washed PB+ | RFA / Kosher certified
  • Sable Farms
  • SL28 / Ruiru 11 / Catuai / Batian
  • 2018
  • Cupping Notes Red berries, Chocolate, light herbal touch, spicy notes. 

  • Ngapani - Mangochi district - Southern Malawi
  • 1200m